Thursday, July 26, 2018

Drinking great teas in anyway

Drinking good tea in anyway, even the least attentive way is better than drinking mediocre teas in the best way!  Great tea and clean good water in anyway will guarantee a better cup than lesser quality tea made in the best tea ware in the most desirable environment.

At my early tea years, I felt the best teas deserve time, attention and care in order to maximize the value of the tea, as we all know great teas is worth gold.  So the old belief was we can drink less quality teas when I am busy or outside of my tea domain where everything is there, by less, it is never the bad teas, just less than great, mediocre/good teas with a price to justify.

Frequent travel with a bottle of over steeped teas, I noticed my body automatically dismissed the idea of drinking less than great teas, because there are essences in the great teas are usually lacking in lesser quality teas.  The result of such absence led to unsatisfactory due to lack of energy, and this is pure physical sensation, tastes buds are not satisfied, my body was not effect the way it prefers, warm, soothing, nurtured, and calm.

This comes to the bottom line of the purpose of tea drinking, anything you put in your body, is for the benefit of your health, for your own well being.  When it is working and working well for your body and YOURS in particular, the body sensation takes over your brain, it is not just the taste of the tea or where it comes from or how it's made, and how much it's worth.  It's what you are putting in your body, more nutrients and energy at any time is better than less in the best presentation. 


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