Tuesday, February 06, 2007

05 vs 06 Lao Ban Zhang bricks

I bought a 2005 brick last year and liked it a lot, so I bought a lot of 10kg of the 06 bricks for aging. Although I had both tea today, my focus was away from tea, so I can't give accurate tasting notes at the time being. Pictures below show the difference of the two.

Left 05, right 06, both look about the same, however 06 seems a little less compressed than 05. I can break off the 06 rather easily in large pieces of leaves.

Left 05: Small broken leaves, this could be from my clumsy technique of breaking the brick, also I am currently prying the middle of the brick.
Right 06: Some whole leaves can be seen, consist of both young and old leaves.

Closer look of the 05 wet leaves.

Closer look of the 06 wet leaves.

Both are similar in color, light amber.


Steven Dodd said...

Who makes this particular brick?

Imen said...

Here is the link of the description:


Relznuk said...

Hey there.

Nice to see another decent tea blog around.

I am Relznuk, and I maintain the Insani-Tea blog, and was hoping that you would post a link to me. I would appreciate it much. :)

I love your tasting notes.

Relznuk of Insani-Tea

Imen said...


thanks for stopping by! Fun blog you have there. Will do when I reorganize my blog. :)

MarshalN said...

Interesting, thanks for the pictures.

In case you want a suggestion for opening the brick...

If the 05 is meant for drinking now (it looks that way with half of it gone) I'd just pry it apart instead of leaving it compressed. It won't make much difference anyway, aging wise.

Stick a knife in sideways (horizontally) into the brick... deep, and then just pry. The brick should peel into half. It should be small enough then to just work loose the leaves. Better than chipping at it from the sides, IMHO...

innerspace said...

Interesting. And what about the taste in general? Could you compare it please for all of us.;-)

Imen said...

Thanks Marshaln.


I'll post detail tasting notes in the near future. :)

innerspace said...

Hello, I'm just wondering: have you ever tasted Tai Ping Hou Kui?
It's a green tea and what comes to mind in connection with this tea and you is that it has an amazing orchid-like aroma and very smooth taste when brewed properly. If you didn't try this tea I strongly advice you to do this because, as I know, orchids are also you strong passion. And I think you'll love it also:-)

Use gaiwan, water reached "crab eyes" point then cooled down to 70-60 per celsium, and sufficient amount of tea with very short steeping time for a first steeping and the rest you know cause you are more experienced tea drinker than me:-)

Imen said...

That sounds delicious! I will look for it. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Eric said...

Hi Imen,
Was wondering is you willing to sell a few pcs of the 05/06 lao ban zhang. Certainly love to taste them. Regards Eric

Imen said...

Hi Eric,

The 07 brick is available online. If you want the 06 in particular, I can spare one. Email me if you'd like to have the 06 still: tea at teahabitat dot come.