Thursday, April 19, 2007


Follow up of the progress. The camera is in the "garage" getting a fix up now, hope I'll have it back by next week, so I can take some pictures.

The frames of counter cabinets are up and nailed to the ground, shelves are done, waiting to be stained. Granite counter tops are also done, deli case is set up. I am very happy that the EXTREMELY high railing of the platform is coming down. It looked so ugly, imagine drinking tea in a cage? Yeah, king kong drinking tea in his cage. The contractor was trying to push me to keep it as is even I asked him not to put them up. So we settled on the final words from the city inspector. The inspector's book says a platform under 3 ft, no railing is necessary. I have a difficult time dealing with people try hard to deceive you, sell you false products/believes to benefit their own gain/convenience. Even after I verified with my architect of the building code, the contractor still tried to keep the cage. I can understand the rivalries between contractors and architects, however discrediting ones professional knowledge totally is plain arrogance. Too much beer drinking probably contribute to that kinda male animalistic behavior in the world of construction.

I stayed up till mid night the other day to put up another cherry tree. I am much happier with this tree than the first one. Will follow up with a picture when I have the camera back.


Takuro said...

I also see you're in good company at the mall; Pinkberry's opened up this week.

Everything sounds great; I'm looking forward to the opening

Imen said...


You are in the neighborhood I take it. :) I'm going to try pinkberry's tomorrow. Drop by for a cup of tea, I'm going to have a private tasting for the LA group before opening. Will let you know the time.

~ Phyll said...

So, will it open this month?

Imen said...


I don't have an answer for you. sigh