Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tea is magic?

Now that I am in business, exposure to the public allows me to view tea through non-tea-drinkers' lenses. The general questions if not the first question is health related. Do you have a tea that helps "my condition"? Do you have teas that can get rid of my tummy fat? Do you have teas that help me loose weight so that I don't have to exercises? Which tea burns more fat? Which tea has the most anti-oxidant? Do you have a brochure that list what kind of tea does what for your body? I think your tea will fly off the shelf if you can describe this tea looses weight, that tea lowers blood pressure... etc etc..... We use that as a guide to buy tea.

My business might triple if I were selling herbs instead of tea and I might be more successful as an herbalist than just a tea drinker. And if I were lacked of conscience, I should false advertise or maybe over stretch the benefits. Oh, some one actually asked if we serve opium in the back!!!!! Oh boy, I should be rolling on a Rolls Royce only if that was true, and don't forget the blink blinks looking like a pimp. Oy!

Aside of all jokes, tea can be very beneficial to human body in moderation and suitable for your health condition. I don't feel like repeating what I tell people day in and day out about how tea can effect one's body with just a "green tea", the most popular term. The questions made me realize how long the road is ahead of me to spread the knowledge about tea, especially the art of tea. There will be many many lectures before I can reach my favorite topic.

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