Friday, September 28, 2007

My little tea corner

Chao Zhou pots for Phoenix Dan Cong... These are my own collection of Chao Zhou pots, I'm particularly affectionate toward pear shape tea pots, any size, any shape.


Salsero said...

What a serene little corner of the world! Lovely.

Tomla said...

Very beautiful set, i love the clay kettle with his heater, wich fuel do you use in it ?
I don't know the Chao Zhou pots, i have only one Yixing pot from Tea Masters blog.

Imen said...


Thank you for the compliment. I also carry this set at my store. The perfect fuel for this stove is Denatured Alcohol, you can obtain it from any paint store.

Chao Zhou pots are made of local red clay, hand made on wheels, thin walls, light weight. Majority of the pots are simple designs, unlike some Yixing pots are made as decorations. They are made for Phoenix Dan Cong oolong.