Thursday, December 13, 2007

My future retirement location - Phoenix mountain

I mentioned when I retire, I'll spend part of the time living in Guang Dong, Chao Zhou area, soak up the air and drink lots of good teas while watching sun rise. See it for yourself and imagine what life would be like. *dreamy*

Tea plantations among dense fogs in the morning.

Fog is so thick in the morning, only take a few minutes to accumulate a drop of water. Facial for tea every morning!

Ah, old arbor tea trees! They can be over 5 meters tall, hence difficult to harvest, climbing on branches and using ladders are the only way to access those precious leaves. Average of 3 pounds of finished products per tree, only one harvest annually in Spring. Picture is taken in Fall, there is not much leaves on these trees. High altitude old arbor trees don't grow much during fall.

Only in natural organic habitat will parisitic plants grow on trunks of tea trees. You can be sure leaves from these trees are safe and delicious.

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toki said...

these are such beautiful photos! Were you on Wu Dong mountain or Phoenix mountain when you took these photos? -Tok