Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little tea facts

  1. The earliest discovery of tea: China is the birth place of tea more than 5000 years ago.
  2. The biggest tea tree: MengHai county of Yunnan Province, 32 meters tall, 3 meters in circumference, 1700 years of age.
  3. The oldest tea tree: LinChang, Feng Qing county of Yunnan Province, 11 meters tall, 6 meters in circumference - takes 4 men to hug this tree, 3200 years of age.
  4. The first book of tea: Tea Classic by Lu Yu.
  5. The first country to adopt tea: Japan, 803 AD; Europe (India and Ceylon) in 17th century; Africa in 19th century.
  6. The most complete educational institutes of tea: 9 universities in China offer majors in Tea agriculture with the most number of students world wide; 2 China national tea research institutes study existing varietals and develop new varietals.

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