Monday, April 14, 2008

Black tea brick 2

A while ago, I got a small piece of black tea brick from a customer. It twigged my interest, and I bought a whole brick which looks similar enough for a taste comparison. The flavor turned out night and day in difference, which confirms the little brick from Dakota is indeed much older and now fine tuned by precious time.

This brick is nothing more than a simple black tea, sort of a fresh version of lipton black tea. I am sure this brick will be tucked away for a while, perhaps it will too turn out to be a silky smooth nectar of nature in 20 years.


Leigh said...

I have the exact same type of tea brick! So how, oh how, do you break the dratted thing apart? I just want to get enough for a pot, but even when I hammer a pretty sharp screwdriver as a chisel the thing won't easily chip.

ahnn said...

This looks interesting. I never tried this kind of Black Tea and I would love to have one.