Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy weekend

The past weekend was a busy one. Aside of running the store, it was mother's day weekend. I was invited to watch a cycling competition on Saturday at the Home Depot Center. Saturday was so nice, inspired by the natural beauty of spring, I took a drive on the PV Drive West which is a nice scenic route along the ocean over looking the cliffs.
Cyclists on the Velodrome track, part of the LAVRA Cup.

Palos Verdes is a secluded part of LA. The peninsula is quite and rural, locals don't like noise and outside traffic. A hide away location close to the great big city LA. The cities on the peninsula do not advertise its beauty to keep tourists away, so it's unknown to the rest of the world. Home values are one of the highest neighborhoods in LA/OC, the cities here collect plenty of taxes from homes, therefore, not much commercial developments on the hill. The locals like it this way as well. There are almost everything you want here, horse trails (part of the trails are on major streets), hiking trails, beaches, cliffs, golf course, peacocks, and of course a great tea shop. :P One day, I'll sneak a few pictures of the local homes. Many of them are hidden from streets. I heard Keanu Reeves has a home here.
On top of the cliff, over looking Pacific Ocean. Homes hang below the edges. PV faces north, west and south from one end to the other.
Left is the ocean, right is the rural hill top, with scattered homes. This is a busy biking trail. It is breath taking riding along this road.
Quiet drive on a sunny day. Some man brought wild peacocks on to the peninsula back in the 70's, they are now residing among heavy bushes and trees in the area, like in this picture. It's a whopping $1000 fine if you kill one, even accidentally.

After living in LA for almost 10 years, I have discovered many quaint neighborhoods, none of which are tourist spots. Small wonders with lovely architectural uniqueness, places where there are not much chain store influences. I am inspired to take pictures of each areas, share it with others. Well, I might get kicked out for revealing the hidden secrets.

My favorite ones so far are: Naple's Island, canals in Venice, Palos Verdes, parts of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, San Marino, parts of old Pasadena, Laguna Beach.

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