Sunday, June 21, 2009

16 teas and a hang over

The past Saturday was a special day for me. We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary with lots tea. Although 2 years is relatively short, but it is something to be thankful for during a time like this. I am sure the 10th anniversary would be something to look forward to. At the mean time, I am grateful for all the supports you have given us! :D

A few tea heads i refer to as drinking buddies and myself drank like fishes for a day. 16 teas in total from 11:30 till closing.

Huo La Cha - Fire Spice 09
She Men - She Entrance 09
Zu Ye - Bamboo Leaf 09
Da WU Ye - Big Dark Leaf 08
Zhi Lan Xiang - Cattleya Orchid Fragrance 08
Hong Cha Tou 04
Huang Zhi Xiang - Orange Blossom 08
Song Zhong Jai 09
Song Zhong #4 08
Ping Jai Tou Qi Zhong - Unusual Varietal 07
Mo Li Xiang - Jasmine Fragrance 09
Jiang Hua Xiang - Ginger Flower Fragrance 08
Jiang Mu Xiang - Ginger Flower Fragrance 09
Honey Orchid Gold Medalist #1 08
Hai Mei Zhan 98
Gui Hua Xiang - Osmanthus Fragrance 09

After drinking 9 or so Dan Congs, I was quite drunk. Using Roy's friend Thi's words, my consciousness was push out of my body. At a subconscious, spirit out of the body period, my palate was able to identify 2 most outstanding teas out of the 16. Mo Li Xiang - Jasmine and Jiang Mu Xiang - mother tree of Ginger Flower. I had no recognition of the aroma and taste at that point. But the creamy texture and fullness sets them apart.
(I bought a jasmine plant last week unintentionally. This is the first bloom today. Although the Jasmine Dan Cong isn't scented with Jasmine flowers like the "Jasmine tea". It seems appropriate that it blooms as we sip a cup of Mo Li - Jasmine Dan Cong.)

The Mo Li-Jasmine DC leaves are particularly beautiful, even size, nicely rolled with a sheen of shine, very tender leaves of even redness-sign of even fermentation. The aroma is beautiful as well. It's a master piece. I called today intend to hog the rest of the stock, only is too late. All sold out I was told. Oh well, there will be next year, there will be others. A few trees are coming soon tho, I hogged a few trees this time. Plus a reward for my 3 years of hard work, 1/2 a pound of my teacher's private reserve.
Mo Li - Jasmine DC:

2 years ago, one of the nicest Dan Cong I had was Chuan Du Lao Ming Cong, 1 of the top 10 most famous trees of Phoenix Mountain. I had a brew of it again today, the aroma and sweetness sipped through every cells of my body. It reminds me what is excellence among the excellence. Well, this secret private stash of my teacher's is way better than Chuan Du Lao Ming Cong according to him. The tone he used when describing the tea sounded like a lover melting in a lover's arms. That's some serious love shown by a mature Chinese man. In case you are not familiar with Chinese culture, males hardly if ever show their love/feminine sides. I wish they have wings and fly my way this instance!

Saturday was the drunkest I have ever been from tea. I couldn't sleep till 3:30 and woke up with a hang over at 7:45. My head was light, my steps were cloudy, my consciousness was still out of my body till I went to the gym and had a steam in the oven. Dopey...


Unknown said...

Imen, sounds amazing! I wish I were there.

Imen said...


There will be a day! :)

thewulongkid said...

This sounds like something I would have gladly partaken of. I think, however, that drunk is the wrong word to describe the way we feel from the stimulating effects of tea. It is so incredibly wonderful unto itself. I will give my further thoughts at another time. I, too, wish I could have been there.

Imen said...

Wu Long Kid,

I am assuming you will be in LA one day, and I will be in NYC one day in this life. Let's drink till dawn then. :)

Anna Schafer said...

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