Sunday, November 22, 2009

Passionate Tail Ant

Well, happiness has happened twice in just one weekend at Tea Habitat. The 2 love birds in the picture announced that they are getting married to their parents on Saturday. They made their announcement while drinking Passionate Tail Ant Dan Cong - Ni Wei Yi. We were all over joyed!

Today - Sunday, a young lady informed us she's getting married as well while drinking the same exact tea Passionate Tail Ant Dan Cong.

It's a SIGN!

Congratulations to all the lovers who are meant to be together! May happiness with each and everyone!

I will drink the Passionate Tail Ant tea fast! And I will reserve this tree till I die. Perhaps this is the tree calling for my ashes... hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Certainly a passionate tea to invoke the spirit of the lovers like that. Tea from that tea is magical.

Herb Master said...

Maybe you should put the price up and throw in half a dozen roses

Imen said...


It was a spiritual surprise!

Herb Master,

Great marketing scheme for valentines's day!