Saturday, January 02, 2010

Seasons of love

I have been listening to Gu Qin for a while. In addition to tea and Chinese classic books, Gu Qin has been a catalyst in my thought process.

Today's conversation with a young client of mine was about a girl he likes, which became problematic for his school works. My explanation to him was, love is seasonal, referring to life cycle, not time cycle in this case. Relationship related to time is journey of water down the stream.

Spring - ice and snow melts, spring is also raining season in most parts of the world, creating a consistent flood of water down the stream. The stream is full.

Summer - occasional showers, thunderstorms, monsoon seasons creating occasional flood of water down the stream. The stream is full some times.

Fall - slow water movement of water, but consistent down the stream. The stream is mostly not full if not dried out.

Winter - solidified ice at the edge, or cover the top of the stream with small amount of water flow, or freeze completely without flow of water down the stream. The stream is most likely low in water if not frozen without a flow.

Most people prefer Spring love, flood with passion, expecting the stream will flow with this much passion for life. As the season (relationship changes), can it endure the ups and downs (summer, fall and winter love) in life together?

Summer love is my kind of love. Enough water flow, yet experience low tide at the same time, prepare for lower time in Fall and Winter. If love made it out of the ice age of winter, here comes Spring, fruitful stage of a relationship, where plentiful of passion fill the air!

3 summers and 3 winters... I'll try my best to keep gray hairs away from my head....


tieguanyin said...

Any particular Gu Qin albums you recommend?

Imen said...


Check this one out:

Brett said...

A few years back a friend of mine treated me to Wu Ziying's "Art of the Guqin" and it has since become one of my favorite albums.

We even had the great honor of a private concert with Prof. Wu at a Chinese tea and music appreciation event I hosted two years ago.

toki said...

Love it! Thanks Imen for the link. Happy New Year!

Imen said...


Lovely experience! Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome! Happy and healthy New year to you too!

LACheesemonger said...

Music is timeless (unless it's crappy pop music...what's that Canto pop you had playing the other day :p ). Luv can be timeless or seasonal depending on circumstances.

Ryuichi Sakamoto's theme music from the Academy Award winning 1987 'The Last Emperor' is timeless...IMO. Take a look at the Utube vids I posted in your 'Shan' entry, Sakamoto goes from dark black, to mostly grey hair in a decade (now it's all white), but his inner soul is what is really important, not appearances >yes?

I prefer the Erhu (not very old in Chinese history, but one that evokes that cultural imagery in my mind). But even there, it all depends on the musical composition. I also like the sound of the Gu Zeng.

Shen Yun show is in Los Angeles for CNY (more than one troupe performing same days in the USA), but uggh, the way the Erhu is played there :(

Shen Yun dates in LA