Saturday, August 21, 2010


This article has been long over due since the second class at UCLA in May. My world has been a whirlwind due to the move of the store, my mind is still up in the air as cloud of dust waiting to be settled.

First of all, thanks to all the organizers and members of NCAM at UCLA, special guests Jason, Davin and Saneou, for providing the opportunity and time to make this a successful evening. The tasting part of the night was the highlight. Look forward to another year of tea event with greater success!

The second year agenda was a bit tougher to choose compared to the first year. Simply because we have new and repeat students, new comers needs introduction, repeat students wants new contents, skipping intro is not possible, yet same material might bored the others. I don't think I have done this well this time around. Question session was omitted as well.

I feel that the goal I want to achieve when teaching young groups is to introduce and better yet inspire the young minds, invite their inquisitive minds to explore the world of tea, get involved with tea, experiment with tea after I leave the classroom, or at any moment in their lives later on! Next time one holds a cup of tea in hand, they remember a thing or two from that evening, why they pick the tea they are drinking in the cup!

I can't teach everything in 40 minutes of speech, I can't expect everyone to remember everything I said in that 40 minutes either. My role is to excite the minds to learn more after I left, to let everyone know there are so much to learn and enjoy with tea if willing. It's out there, it's available, it's deep, it's wealth of knowledge, it's wealth of health waiting for anyone to reach and grab.

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