Friday, December 17, 2010

Clay Stove

12 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide on top, rustic surface design

I hand carried this clay stove all the way home from China across thousands miles of ocean. I wanted a tall stove for years!!!! Due to shipping difficulty, I had not had one until now. I didn't even attempt to carry home this 5 lb heavy weight last year when my heart pounded fast as my eyes laid upon this baby. But I did it this time! And it survived!!!

Of course I bought it to satisfy my own selfish desire. Otherwise why go through the trouble right?! Yeah, that thought lasted a few weeks until I realize already 3 stoves are sitting in my office, one on my desk, one under my desk, and one wrapped and tucked under a chair. Do I need that many stoves for myself? There should be a couple more in the warehouse. Sure they are all different in style, but really, do I need that many stoves?

So here I have an idea, actually an excuse. I am going to put this stove up for sale with a Sha Diao (water kettle) until xmas day, if no claim, the stove is mine with a little bit of guilt. :P

The reason for a taller chamber is to increase air flow for faster heating. It can hold a larger kettle, even heavy enough to hold a large cast iron kettle, it can heat up a large pot of water faster than the small version I carried, hence better for large groups. Hmmmm group tasting!

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