Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5th Stop --- Hang Zhou

It took a while to step into the next stop. :P

Here we are Hang Zhou, Xi Hu - West Lake is notorious for centuries for its beauty in history of China. It was part of the Pacific Ocean during the Qin dynasty (220 BC). Through out the next 2 thousand some years, Hang Zhou mayors worked hard on flushing out the salt water and mud, built it into a large fresh water lake with center islands piled by mud excavated from the lake.
Who's looking at whom? I am part of your nature, you are taken in my picture frame. :P

West Lake is known for its beauty differed in each season, Spring being the best, so is Winter after a fresh powdery snow fall. My time wasn't the best choice, but do with best under the restriction.

Surrounding the lake are many temples, pagodas, private residence of the rich and fame. Zhang Jie Shi gifted a min guo style mansion to his last wife Song Mei Ling along the lake before they fleet to Taiwan.
I had not enough time to visit each place that left me a very good reason to revisit time after time.

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