Monday, November 21, 2011

Jiang Mu Xiang - Ginger Flower Fragrance (mother tree)

Free Gift: 3 g Jiang Mu Xiang with purchase of $150, 20 samples available, valid while supplies last.
Thanksgiving is around the corner, I have much to thank for, so giving a bonus to share our passion with our customers , whom are a bunch of great tea lovers, selective, appreciative of the finest teas nature has to offer.

Each year I keep a few special teas in stock for friends and family to share. This year, 4 very special teas that I am particularly proud of.

Ginger flower fragrance Dan Cong Oolong tea is one of the most desirable or should I say the most desirable tea on mountain of Phoenix. After 5 years of chasing after it, this year I finally got my hands on a pound of Jiang Mu Xiang, which was auctioned for 63,000 RMB with exchange rate at $1 to barely 6 RMB, well , you do the math.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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Letizia said...

Your posts are very interesting. I have reported a link to your blog on my tea ceremony blog(italian and english).
(if you're interested the link is )
If you want you can return the favor.
Thank's. Letizia