Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orchid in bloom

Flower is a must have decor for the Chinese New Year. Visiting the flower market after new year's eve dinner is also a popular activity. In the southern part of China, flowers are plenty even in the winter, chrysanthemum, peony, peach flower, plum flower, orchids, kumquats are the most popular. This yellow dandrobrium is one of the favorite orchids I have. It is the first rebloom in 3 years and bloomed on Monday, the first day in Chinese calendar!
Charcoal was burning in stove, spring water is boiling in Shao Diao - clay kettle, my mother and I drank some Zhi Lan Xiang and Cha Wang - King of Tea Dan Cong Oolong. My mother is not much of a tea drinker as it distract her sleep. She drank one little cup while I had 6, at this ratio, I drank about 1.5 littler of tea in one sitting. It was a peaceful afternoon to have tea with full set of tea gear.

Spring water is from the Santa Barbara area, thanks to K walked 6 miles round trip to fill up bottles of water from a water fall. This kid is considered ruined by tea! :P

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