Monday, February 20, 2012

Work out routine

Hunan Fu Zhuan brick tea in the cup. Not really my favor~
Living in an area with easy access to one of the most beautiful coast lines, I should be ashamed not to take advantage of it often enough. A stroll along the rocky cliff or the sandy beach both within a couple miles distance present itself as the most attractive work out play ground. After new year, I am going to force myself to take an hour long walk at least twice a week. There are benches and tables in the light house St. Vincent park for picnics and whale watching. It would be a great place for tea as well. The small museum has restroom facilities which you don't have to worry about over propagating your body cells with tea. Years ago, my mother and I would take a book, a large blanket, two umbrellas, a set of tea were, alcohol burner, fruits and snacks, drove almost an hour to lay by the beach for an afternoon. It was lovely in between those 9 to 5 working days.


Alex Zorach said...

I miss the west-coast birds. Here, on the east coast, the white-crowned sparrows like the one you pictured are rather uncommon. I reported two of them in a cemetery in Philadelphia, on eBird, and it flagged them as an "excellent observation". I remember each of the times I've observed this bird on the east coast, they're so unusual.

The hummingbird pictured here, Anna's hummingbird I think? I've never seen on the east coast, although they do show up very rarely.

Here, we have ruby-throated hummingbirds, which are absent in winter, and abundant white-throated sparrows in winter. They're a mellower sort of bird, more meek and less pugnacious than the white-crowned one.

Imen said...


You know birds! The one in the picture is also a ruby throat hummingbird. SPEEDY is all I can say about hummingbirds, watching, more like hearing them fly is amazing.