Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Gaiwans

I am partial to these gaiwans which I regret not getting more due to time constrain.  I shall get more next time in China. 

Gai Wan - Brown Chest Playing Children 150ml ***NEW

I personally prefer thin wall tea wares, particularly gaiwans.  Thinner the better which brews a cup of hotter tea.  These two make a good pairing in style, I just love them. 

Gai Wan - Blue and White Peony 180ml ***NEW

Gai Wan - Blue and White Chrysanthemum 180ml ***NEW


Thécat said...

Hello Imen,
1-What gaiwans have the thinnest walls in your selection please ?
2-Will you have other teawares soon ?

Thanks in advance.

Imen said...

HI Annabelle,

These gaiwans are the thinnest of the bunch. All tea wares are uploaded to the website at this point. Until the next trip to China, we won't have a large addition to our selection any time soon. :)

My most favorite is the chrysanthemum gaiwan. :)

Thécat said...

Hi Imen,

So am i. Still have you the gaiwan with lotus 150 ml?

Imen said...

is it the one?

Thécat said...

yes, I did not find anymore. I can see you have 10 units in stock.

I would like buy teawares but the shipping charge is very high

Thank you.

Have a nice weekend and nice teas of course!

Imen said...

You have a great weekend as well!