Saturday, October 06, 2012

09 Wild Ancient Green Puerh - Zhong Zi Brand

Today is prep day for the Pu-erh tasting.  I had this same tea on Mid Autumn night brewed with a large yixing teapot of late Qing Dynasty.  The performance of the tea was amazing, so I wanted to try it in the Chao Zhou Zhuni Qing period pot.

Getting to know a tea takes time, using various tea wares, water, timing and methods to learn every aspects of a tea, learn what does it take to bring out the best of a tea.  As a tea merchant, finding a tea to sell is easy, finding a good tea which can stand the time is not easy.  I don't list much pu-erh teas as most people know, however I do have quite a selection stored away for my nieces and nephew.  This 2009 green pu-erh was originally obtained for my youngest niece whom was born in 2009.  However I secured more of them and will bring them home in the next trip, so I feel I should share some of them.  I personally think this is a good tea with good value for the quality.  The qi is so strong, I am still feeling it now a few hours after I had it. 


Steph said...

I love the idea of storing away the tea for your nieces and newphew!

Sean Fallon said...

Hello, I am also a tea lover. I am really enjoying your blog. Some great posts. I wonder if you have ever tried Turkish tea?? All this reading about tea inspired me to write a post on my own blog about tea here in Turkey.