Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Spring Tea By The Sea

Sunday, partly cloudy, slight breezy, rolling clouds drifting ashore, a day of many skies.

We had tea here as usual, just 2 ladies having afternoon tea by the sea.

On the menu are 4 teas: 2012 Zhi Lan Xiang (it's great year after year, never disappoints), 1978 Dan Cong, 2006 Lao Ban Zhang, 2006 Dan Cong.


Steve said...

Beautiful setting for tea!
So much nicer to be outside in nature while enjoying your tea.
I was able to enjoy tea on my deck today.It was a sunny,Spring like day here in Seattle.

Enjoy the weekend.

Imen said...

Seattle has the cleanest sky! Love the fresh piny air...