Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2001 Yi Wu and more new pots

Pu-erh in the picture is 2001 Zhong Hua Yi Wu by Jing Ye Hao, a sample from Houde. It's on the thin side even I used more leaves than usual, about 5g. Color is light amber and clear, taste is smoked wood/veggie, not the actually smoke smell or taste, but like smoked duck but not cigarette smoke, if that was a good analogy. An indescribable flavor, perhaps a cooked prune in syrup taste? A little bit of sweet after taste, medium round mouth feel. It's a decent tea. I can't say I like it as much as others I had, but maybe it'll age better, and I think it has a good chance.

My never ending obsession of obtaining teapots. Pear shaped teapots are my favorites for now. A new member to the pear family, and the larger pot is up side down handle dinosaur egg.


~ Phyll said...

Dinosaur egg (long dan)? Was dragon ever a dinosaur? :)

Love'em both! I have one similar to your pomelo/pear shape teapot, but mine is black.


Imen said...

Dragon is a male specie, can they bear eggs? ;)

Dinosaur in Chinese is Hong3 long2, some people call it long2 dan for short.

Flying Dragon is not a Dinosaur, however a Dinosaur belongs to the dragon family in animalia. But, I don't know how they are related in mythology.

Nice pot!! I like the color.

~ Phyll said...

Dragons definitely have males and females! Just watch Shrek...there is the proof of a female dragon :)

(You're right...in the Chinese mythology dragon is male)