Friday, March 02, 2007

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I am trying extra hard to be creative tonight, but my brain is constipated! I am tired but sleepless, watching South Park mindlessly in the middle of the night, wondering what can I do?! hmm maybe take some pictures of my new pots. I haven't done that for a while, quite a few pots are waiting to be photographed. I had tasted so many tea lately, I can feel them oozing out of my eye balls. My pee must contain more EGCG than a bottle of Lipton white tea! My dad brought back a lot of tea from Guangzhou, he had also shipped another 70kg. I can have tea parties everyday for a year without running out of supply. Wish I could be more productive at composing tasting notes. Lately, my mind is refusing to function like I want it to. Everything I know about tea is drowned by stress.

I just remember I am down to a very thin roll of toilet paper, but I am not going anywhere at this hour even if I had a stomach ache. I'd be too paranoid, even a fly would scare the crap out of me. The after trauma effect that is! It's been extremely insanely busy lately, that's why I am low on stock, I usually have a spare pack of the 12 big rolls some where. But still not a good excuse. I am being incoherent here...


danno said...

Maybe it is the impending full moon...I know it is affecting my sleep. Please take more pics of your pots, I find my self going back through your posts on occassion for those lovely pot shots. How is your "sweat pot" doing? Have you chosen a tea for it? I have a comparable pot that I use for loose shu. Well anyway thankyou for the amusing blog, I enjoy reading it.

Imen said...


No, I have not picked out a tea for the sweat pot. I thought a light fired oolong would be good, but the pot was still too muddy even after seasoning. So it's just sitting on my shelf and looking pretty the whole time. Maybe I should try some cooked pu, it might get rid of the muddy smell. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

~ Phyll said...

I just caught this post. Sorry to hear of your stress. If I had been given 70kg of tea, I would be stressed out too! I wouldn't know where to put it all or how to finish it. What tea are they?

Dustin said...

That's a bummer you're feeling bad. I hope you feel better soon :)

Imen said...


haha.. it did seem like I am whining about tea huh.. they are mostly green and black loose leaves.


Thanks! How nice of you!