Friday, August 17, 2007

Tea, a love potion

When drinking tea, my mood is usually at peace, or slightly happy, some times even a little dreamy especially alone. When I truly enjoy a seating of tea, relaxation and the calming effect are what I want to achieve most of the time.

Once in a while tea makes me think about life. Some one once said there are only 2 things we human live and long for: pride and love. Of course that's after we are fed and clothed. Eat better, dress better, live in a bigger house, drive a faster car makes us proud (not necessary happier). Drinking good tea is prideful to a tea connoisseur. Yeah, you know you are, don't deny it! Finding good tea is some what like love, you hear it, you see others own it, and you may even have a taste.

Can love between a man and a woman be more like an affair of a tea leaf and water, selflessly devote all that they have without reserve. Water contributes its pureness, its fluid liquid bodily texture, embracing each and every leaf. Leaves wholesomely give away its lively freshness taste, aroma, nutrient to water which allows it to dance and expand any way it wishes to. Tea, a concoction of love between a leaf and water in my cup. A love potion?!

Human are selfish creatures. We want, we fear, we reserve. True love is a lot like rare tea, limited stock, except it's a lot rarer than rare tea.


Davelcorp said...

...and infinitely greater in value.

Imen said...

You must be one of those lucky fools! :P

Tom Saywer said... tea? Yummie....

Imen said...

My favorite is Phoenix Dan Cong..