Thursday, August 21, 2008

Postal Ban

While we (at least I do) enjoy watching the Olymic games, the massive amount of tourists has created hassels which can be frustrating to importers small to large. My thought, Beijing is thousands miles away from Chao Zhou, business should be as usual without any interuption. Oh NOOO!

A shipment of tea and tea wares were scheduled to arrive a couple of weeks ago, which contained Chao Zhou stove sets with Olive Pitt Charcoal. I then was informed the order was returned to China, due to fire hazard materials are now unacceptable due to the Olympic games.

My first thought was FIREWORKS! Americans are infatuated with fireworks, what do you think a kid would do in a candy land?! :P There must be tons fireworks smuggled via postal service.

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