Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tea eating pigs

Some times I wonder why Japan has the wierdest inventions in the world?! This one is not so bad, and the least wierd?

A farmer thought tea is good for human, it must be good for pigs too, isn't it? He started a test in 1997, mixing tea in food for his pigs. When the pigs were matured for consumption, scientific examinations were done to these fleshes. The result reflected 3 times more vitamin C compare to pigs did not have tea. Amino Acid is also 3 times more, pig "smell" is significantly less, therefore taste better.

In 1999, Japan produced 40,000 of these "Tea Beauty Dolphin" pigs, catering to major cities like Tokyo in Japan.


jamesk256 said...

two of my favorites, pork and tea. I'd love to try if any of these show up in the states.

I think the diet of a pig is truly under appreciated. The acorn fed free range Iberico pig is like a different animal altogether.

Imen said...

Where can I find the acorn fed Iberico pig here in the states? Pork is a regular on our dinner table too. :)

I can ask for info here in the local Japanese market to find out if there is any available here in the states.