Friday, September 25, 2009

Cups and such

This is a lid of some sort, beautifully hand painted. I am using it as a saucer. Next to that is my flaming gay red hot orange rice bowl cup which I lug around a lot. Everything is old but the orange bowl, I also have a brown one with gold shimmers, a few pink ones, a few soft yellow ones, a couple of dark blue ones. Rice bowl is my favorite shape although not conventional in tea terms. Up side down cup is old as well, I have 4 and each one of them taste different. Yeah, it's insane! Same tea, different cup, different flavors. P suggested this monster experiment to try each cup to see if they taste different. I didn't think I should start a whole new controversy on cups, since there are enough to go about clay pots, but we couldn't help it. Anyways, I refuse to dig further into this. This can turn into a big monster obsession on top of all my other obsessions. I have only 24 hours a day and limited supply of brain cells.
Tiny cups, hand made and hand painted, god knows how old they are. White translucent clay, imperfect shapes.
My newly acquired cup sets, 6 sets of hand made and hand painted cups with matching saucers. Very nicely made with even thinness. Each cup and saucer are different from another although precisely made with fine details. Old but not sure how old. They are a bit too small tho, it's so small, the tea turns cold really fast, so fast that moving from the table to my lips is not fast enough to have a cup of hot tea. I'll use them for something else.
Gift from JM, these are Japanese made cups with crackle clear glaze. The bottom of the cup has a dot of blush pink. Such darlings! They go well with shu pu-erh in taste, also appealing in looks with amber color matching the light pale earth green. Although I messed up with leaving shu pu in it over night, some tea sipped through the crackles and left minor stain marks.

60 hand made white cups (new) will arrive in the next shipment, made in Chao Zhou by hand.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some good-looking cups. I've recently acquired some sterling silver cups for tea-drinking. I also got a silver pot. It's more unusual to drink out of actual silver cups, but it works well for me. Raw, young Puerh is incredible in silver. I'm amazed. --Teaternity