Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tea Habitat website is up and running

After a wrestle and some kick boxing with technology (the fighting part is done by SL, I just ring the bell), our website is back up and running without makeup at this point. But it's functional accepting paypal only. We continue to make improvements in the near future, hopefully with little to no interruptions. Thank you all for bearing with us, the delays, confusions of links, inconvenience etc..


Many thanks to SL and RS!


toki said...

Pop The Krug! ~ T

Imen said...

Thank T :D

tieguanyin said...

Congratulations =D!

Marlena said...

so good to see you again!

Imen said...

Thank you TGY and Marlena!

Great pleasure of mine to be back on track. :D

Alex Zorach said...

This is exciting...you seem to have some unique offerings here.

I would really recommend adding an About Us page on your site. It makes a huge difference to see an about us page with the names of the founder(s) and the official business name, a history of the business, and discussion of what makes the particular business special...why did you go into this? What makes your offerings distinct / different from other companies? Etc.

The more you write, the better, as it makes the site more personal and draws attention to the effort you've put into the whole enterprise.

Also, I recommend updating the Shipping & Returns page. If I were a stranger and did not know anything about you, I would be unwilling to order from a site whose shipping policies led to an "under construction" page.

Good luck!


Imen said...

Thank you for your valuable input! We are working on the webpage slowly but surely. :)

ladyfalcon237 said...

Awesome. Are you still planning on opening a store? I hope you do soon ^_^

Imen said...

Lady Falcon,

Yes, we are planning on opening the new location before Xmas season.

Look forward to seeing you again!