Monday, June 07, 2010

Temp site for product browsing

Many many apologies for the Tea Habitat website outage. We are making progress but not yet complete. Here is a temp web page for product browsing ONLY. Please do NOT make any purchase through the website as it's not entirely functional.

To make a purchase, please email me with the item link. I apologize again for the inconvenience and grateful for your patience and loyalty! We look forward to serving you better as soon as possible.


Dennis said...

Imen, I've looked and looked for a link in this post, but I can't find one to the temporary site. Am I missing something here? I'd really like to see what you have in stock...I just ran out of my 2008 honey orchid dan cong, and I'm thirsty!

Imen said...

Oops, loosing my mind here.. :P

I just fixed it. Thanks Dennis!

Karen said...

When I click the link I'm directed to a page for "Zen Cart" and some extremely confusing (to this Mac user) instructions on how to install it. Can this be right?

Imen said...


We are working on the website still, database is changing back and forth for testing, therefore the link works from time to time. We should be able to have it stablized in the next day or so. Please check back in with us soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience to all of you!