Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong in stock

2012 is a great year for Phoenix Dan Cong.   Trees are recovered from the frost damage back in Spring 2010.  Price has come down significantly compared to 2010.  The law of economy never fails right!  Supply and demand, when demand for Dan Cong tea in 2011 weights more than supply deprivation due to shortage of 2010, price went up.  Over all, this year is a great year to stock up on old single tree Dan Cong teas for both better quality and much better prices.  I am very happy about the correction!

After loosing sleep for a day from tea drunk, here is a list of this years stock at Tea Habitat.  Description is never my strength, so some what brief.  I will update them periodically when I drink more sessions of them and if I would be inspired with better terms.  :)

2012 Chang Xin - Long Heart ***NEW

2012 Gong Lan - Tribute Orchid Fragrance ***NEW

2012 Gong Xiang - Tribute Fragrance ***NEW

2012 Hong Di - Red Stem ***NEW

2012 Lao Cong Dong Fang Hong - East Rising Red ***NEW

2012 Po Tou - Ginger Flower Fragrance ***NEW

2012 Shi Hua Xiang - Persimon Flower Fragrance ***NEW

2012 Yan Shang Zhen - Treasure Above the Cliff ***NEW

2012 Zhi Lan Xiang - Cattleya Orchid Fragrance ***NEW

2012 Zhong Ping Ji Dan Hua - Plumeria Fragrance ***NEW

Single Tree Dan Cong Sampler (2) - 2012 All ***NEW

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