Saturday, July 07, 2012


Turns out I am busier than I expected during this July 4th week.  An out of town guest dropped by unexpectedly as soon as I got home on Monday.  Other than shipping out of orders, nothing has been done so far.  I have not had time to catch up on sleep either, sleep deprived, jet lag and tired from all the walking in China.  I must had filled up 3 years quota of normal walking in the past 6 weeks!  One thousand steps stair case that I climbed down the mountain!  It's beautiful, so worth 4 days of leg pain.  :P

Unpacking will begin some time this weekend, picture taking, tea cupping and posting will take place slowly next week.  I apologize for the delay!  Travel notes will be slowly posted as well as soon as I sort through almost 7 thousand pictures.  :D

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Alex Zorach said...

That looks beautiful! I love paths and walkways and stairs that go through dense forest like that. You will probably be keeping yourself in good shape by climbing stairs like that too!