Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hang Zhou in 2012

Hangzhou is well known for its beauty. This year I stop in this city twice, although my first time there was short with vague impression in 2010. Knowing there are much to be seen in this famous city, I decided to stay for a few days to live the life of locals. An old living compound of Ming dynasty converted hotel has always been my fancy to relive how I would lived in previous life. :) So here I was to stay.

Lovey Dovey~

Getting to know Hangzhou is mesmerizing, unlike my familiar cities in the southern coastal part, HZ is rich in culture and art, every living element is soaked with culture and art because it was once the capital of Southern Song dynasty.  S Song in Chinese history is the plateau of art and commerce, not only for the royal, also for everyday lifes of civilians and overseas.  HZ obviously take pride in such historic fact that it named itself Song Cheng- city of Song, many land marks, streets, communities, even products, store, and menus are named with Song or tied to Song.  It's very distinctive from any other cities in China.


Hangzhou's beauty is not only a god given plot of land with lush green hills surrounding West Lake.  It's the creation of architecture and culture harmoniously coexist with nature and enhance each others external and internal beauty.  Early morning fog, Spring plum blossom and young spout willows swaying above shimmering water of the lake shore, a sea of lotus green leaves with scatter red blooming flowers, golden yellow leaves projecting on sun setting lake surface, white snowflakes lands softly on umbrella top held by passersby leaving foot prints on bridge top in the middle of the lake.  There are so much to see, to feel, to discover in HZ each season.  I must say it is one of my favorite city.  If I had to choose a city to live, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Paris and LA are my top choices.  I wish to one day live in the first 3 cities for an extend period of time during my current life time.  :D

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discipleofthetealeaf said...

Lovely photos. I visited Hangzhou last September and fell quite in love with it.