Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tea event at UCLA 04/23/13

This is the 5th year that the NCAM of UCLA will be hosting the tea event consecutively.  As one of the volunteers of the event, I am very proud to be part of this event for so many years. 

Since it has been a few years, if a freshman attended all 4 events, he would had been graduated by now.  So my concern is what should I talk about when there are students had been to more than one events, I am sure they would not want to listen to the same materials over and over again. 

Tea can be a deep subject, it never ends.  For young minds which may or may not have much exposure to the world of tea, what would they be mostly interested in knowing? 

I personally think tea can be separated into several categories:

1, the basic of understanding types of teas by color, cultivation, processing
2, tea brewing
3, how to identify tea by quality
4, drinking tea and health
5, energy of tea and nature

each category can be extended with many sub categories, which become a large tops on its own

I don't have time nor  that the students have the patience to listen to a 5 days talk at once.  What would you be interested to know if you were one of the audience?  Your input is appreciated greatly. 


Unknown said...

I suggest Including how and why to share tea. Students are often looking for ways to reach out and connect.

Gero said...

The topic "tea brewing" might be the one which gives immediate results. Even people who have been drinking tea for decades can benefit from a new take on brewing - and total newbies can be saved from many horrible cups of spoilt tea. The other topics you have mentioned all benefit from the right brewing, for example it is hard to tell the true quality of a tea if it has been brewed in a narrow paper filter.

Nick Herman said...

Get them to stop drinking all that bubble tea shit and blended with fruits/and sugars crap. That's what most people under 30 or 40 think tea is in this country.

Anonymous said...

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