Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 He He Chang Hou Run Shu Pu Erh Brick - pre order

Meng Hai He He Chang Tea Factory made Hou Run Shu Cha 
Shu pu is quite a controversial topic in the world of pu erh. I personally think like any category of tea, there are great, good and there are sub quality products. This is one of the most balanced cooked/shu pu of the year of 2013, according to a few well known tea collectors. Highest praise for a shu pu I have heard in a long time.  Soft, buttery, rich and vibrant, a trace of sweet lotus flower aroma, similar to Jin Zhen Bai Lian, and it can last many many brews.  Hou Run means thick and nourishing, best described the tea.  My friend called it meaty. On top of the quality, price is right!

250g per brick  $40 each
4 bricks in each box 1kg: $140
6 boxes in each case 6kg:  $775

We locked down only 4 cases at this price, will be expired by end of Nov, get it while you can.  Price may go up double next year.  

Free economy shipping to anywhere in the world from China for case orders, ships right away.

For under a case orders, we will arrange for shipments after I come back from China in Feb, shipping charge may apply at our normal fixed shipping rates.  

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