Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life is too short!

Heart breaking news!  Sickness took the life of a young 17 years old girl had yet to bloom into her adulthood just yesterday.  It was shocking news to me and many of us who had just begun the fund raising not long ago, wishing every bid we do can make her life a little better.  But what a harsh reality it is to her parents whom were living in fear of loosing her, and now must face days ahead without her.  Morning~  I say nothing more....

Thank you all for making your purchase in the last few weeks, the fund raising portion will still be sent to the parents to pay for the hospital bills.  In our tea circle, so far we have raised over 100k rmb, I don't know the exact total number thought.  Thank you for your kind hearts and good deeds!  May all of us be healthy and peace in heart~~~ 

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