Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fish cups

A pair of porcelain hand painted fish cups. Love the classic blue and white, less is more.


Anonymous said...


I really like your nice photographs, and the spirit of this diary. Howevever, you are not giving many information about where your teas and teawares have been purchased. For instance, I would really like to know where you bought these tea cups. I know there are very popular amongst tea lovers (same shape, same pattern), but I have never been able to find them on any online shop. Could you give me a clue?

Many Thanks


Imen said...

Hi Mikey,

I don't expose vendor information here on the blog, for the reason of suspected affiliation with the vendors.

I purchased these cups (6) as a set with a teapot and cha hai at Wing Hop Fung, A retail store in Los Angeles. You can find their location information at:

It's fun to hang in the store, I can spend an hour easily just looking at tea and accessories. Modest price, a lot of selections. But I won't buy their Yixing pots. I don't have much faith in teapots from China at a modest price. It usually means the clay quality isn't optimal, some even make your tea taste like gasoline or soap, but for decoration, it's good enough.


Imen said...

I just realized it came with 8 cups. What a bargain!