Monday, August 21, 2006

Flower tea

While we are on the subject of tisane, here are a few I have. Lavender in purple, jasmine in white, rose bud in red, osmanthus in yellow.

I always like mild light tea, no mater it's tisane or actual camellia sinensis. Half a tea spoon of the small flowers such as lavender, osmanthus is sufficient enough without overpowering your smelling sense and taste buds.

5 rose buds in a cup of boiling water steep for 1 minute is all it takes to bring out the fragrance and sweetness. It can last 3 brews.

Jasmine, this particular batch is not good in quality. I am not sure if it'd taste any different for others. My mother just bought a jasmine plant, I'll collect the buds once the plant matures, see if it makes any difference.

I remember when I was little, the local Southern Chinese collect flowers from various subtropical plants for tisane, such as fresh honey suckle, Mi Lan (not sure what that is in English), fresh rose, jasmine, etc... Each has it's own health benefit, cooling or detox/cleansing property usually.

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