Friday, August 25, 2006

Tea at the beach with a neighbor

I had tea at the beach this evening. I took my blanket, pillow, kungfu tea set, burner, a pot of hot water, a book to the sand, arrived little before sunset and stayed till stars filled the sky, lights were shimmering on the water waves. Orange sky turned into mysterious darkness layered with haze over sparkling stars hanging above. It's breezy but not cold, very humid. Breeze came from every direction.

I take my tea every where I go for leisure, especially to the beach. Tonight is the first time I stayed well into the night on the sand. One can experience tranquility at another level.

It's difficult to keep water boiling at the beach, finally I had to put the burner inside the basket to shelter from the wind. I chose Huang Jin Gui Ooglong for the night, its light and fragrant character went well with a warm humid summer night. Sorta like floating on a bed of lotus leave, until some one popped my bubble.

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dustin said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. If you can stand all the sand that comes with the beach.