Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Clay stove burner

New stock of Chao Zhou clay stove set with 1kg of olive pit charcoal. A while back, I posted about Chao Zhou stove set.

The stove is more decorative than the previous one. Taller with a bigger chamber for charcoal. Beautiful little set!

Top 4 characters from right to left: Tea Art Happy Garden
Right 7 characters from top to bottom: Best Tea Floating Aroma Enjoying Tea Art
Left 7 characters from top to bottom: Zi Sha Pot Inside Drunken Happy Garden

HAHA... you just can't translate Chinese literally and expect it'd make any sense. BTW the clay used are not Zi Sha (purple clay), these are Chao Zhou local red clay.


dharma::vision by Amadeus said...

I saw one of these in a Chinese antique store about a year ago and kicked myself for not buying. This one you posted is very nice.


Imen said...

they might still have it... you'll never know. :)


Bruno said...

Hi Imen, you remember me ? I am the one who bought the first set, sorry if i never sent you my pictures, but the new set is exactly the same i have !
And i never used it, so please tell me how to start the olive pit inside, i've tried with no succes, do i use first some paper or wood ?

Anonymous said...

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katty said...

I love the big stove specially because i like to cook all kind of recipe, how ever i prefer to have a reasonable place. Actually i saw a beautiful stove in a house that was published in costa rica homes for sale it was big and beautiful, i think i will go there because it catched my attention.