Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's blooming

Cymbidiums are easy to care for compare to other Orchid species, although none of them are easy. Every year I have quite a few of Cymbidiums blooming in the spring. This year some of them are left outside. One thing I notice is a couple of them attract snails and some others don't, which brings up a point, plants posses self defence mechanism by producing chemicals to fan off insects. Some varietals are better than the other.

This also apply to tea trees. Low elevation farms are more vulnerable to insects, especially during hot weather months. Warm temperature speeds up growing rate of leaves which contribute to premature chemical composition and too much fiber, hence lack of flavor. That's also why lower elevation teas are woodier then high mountain teas. Also trees produce bitter chemicals to keep insects from chewing them up, which is why summer harvest is bitter. Even organic grown teas are less of quality than Spring harvest.

Following 2 flowers are severely bitten by ants and snails.

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