Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ginger Jars

Need to find lids for these 2 jars.


Soïwatter said...

Why are they called "ginger jars"?

For closing, it depends on what you preview to keep in it.
For loose leave or little cubes, a cork lid may do the trick, don't you think? (easy to find, easy to recut to perfect size, cheep...)
For oolongs, I don't know...

Soïwatter said...

Sorry, "For loose leave or little cubes", I forgot to add pu ehr at the end of the sentence...

It's always difficult to find a new lid. Or you must have good imagination abilities...

Michel said...


What' the size of the opening

I could try and make you 2 that may fit.
It is trial and error especially once they have been fired. there is a lot of shrinkage.

Imen said...


These particular green jars used to be sold with syrup preserved gingers, hence the name ginger jars. :)

I have a hard time finding corks in any stores. No one recycles old bottles anymore I supposed.

Imen said...


Thank you for the offering! Very nice of you, I really appreciate it!

The smaller jar opening is 6.5 cm at the outer rim, the neck is 0.8 cm high.

The bigger jar opening is 7.7 cm at the outer rim, the neck is 1 cm high.

I wish you were here in the states, I need to custom make a couple of large pieces for water and the stove storage.

Anyways thanks again!