Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pu erh - YiWu Wild mao cha 2004

Harvest year: 2004 Spring
Production year: 2004
Name: Mao Cha
Tea type: Wild Large Leaf
Region: Yiwu
Maker: collected from villager

This tea is bundled up approximately 100 g each, collected from ancient wild trees.

Clean liquid, has chicken stock texture without the chicken flavor. :P
2 to 3 leaves on each stem, large thin leaves, a sign of old trees on high elevation.
Fresh dried tobacco flavor, rich, sweet and very soothing to the throat, making you crave for more. I think the tobacco quality makes it addictive just like real tobacco. A very nice green one.

Sold by each bundle 100g: $30
No small samples.

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Alex Zorach said...

Wow...this looks like the sort of thing I would really like to try. I really enjoy teas that have a tobacco-like quality to the aroma.