Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pu erh - mid 90's cooked

Harvest year: Mid 90's
Production year: Mid 90's
Name: Chen Nian Pu Erh
Tea type: Cooked - Shu
Region: Meng Hai
Maker: unknown
Weight: 250 g

This brick comes in 250 g each in a box(torn&broken), unwrapped and not labeled. Typical of the 90's practice in Yunnan. Small broken leaves.
Clear dark red in color.

This pu-erh is one of the better cooked pu examples. Clear liquid is a sign of clean well stored tea. Taste is smooth, rich and thick, Chinese medicine for the first 2 brews when using 3 g or more leaves at a time. Subsequent brews are very nice with after rain fresh forest floor aroma, not dirt, it gets better as the color lightens, sweet and barky.

Whole brick is $98
2 are available in whole, 1 will be divided into sample packs.

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