Monday, April 30, 2012

Bamboo Leaf 2011

Southern California is known for its sunny sky all year round.  Spring no matter where on earth, is rainy season even though we get very few rain falls even in Spring.  Out of a handful of rainy days, afternoon tea is greatly enhanced in mood during these days.

A day began with cloudy sky, live fire made it cozy and warm at heart, a few teas later, the sun peaked out behind the grey sky so I wrapped it up with a 2011 Bamboo Leaf Dan Cong.  A session of Wuyi rock tea when rain, to an aged tea flower bud tea, then a Bamboo Leaf Dan Cong oolong seems to move along with sun in the right vitality.  Some times, things happen in its own way without any conscious planning.  Lao Zi - author of Daoism had discovered all matters in the galaxy happen in its right time and right frequency.  

Bamboo Leaf Dan Cong is one of the Zhi Lan Xiang type of fragrance, known as orchid fragrance.  Among numbers of old trees fall within this orchid fragrance type, Bamboo leaf is crowned the best of all for its highly aromatic fragrance and purest taste, but small harvest.  2011 production are all in my hands with less 10 lbs in total. 

A mouthful of floral honey taste that lingers for long is very enjoyable to the soul.  The nurturing effect is not any young crop can replace, I call that the chicken soup effect.  Out of many teas I had, only old trees have such body and soul nurturing effect.  I have been told by many after drinking such teas, concentration becomes easy, focus is greatly enhanced.  On my most stressful days, 3 sessions of old single tree Dan Cong tea saved my day.  

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