Thursday, April 26, 2012

A day of tea drinking by the sea

 Mr. H is a friend for many years!  Last week, we finally had the chance to have tea together, at a selected spot, my favorite corner on earth, sea cliff of Palos Verdes.  As the weather warms up, out door tea drinking is a must, with such a background view, what more to ask for. 
A day of tea drinking started around noon with only 2 cups and self serve sandwich lunch.  Simple yet complete~

 Hydration is not an issue, do you think?  :D
 That's sight seeing too  :P
 A solo singer brightens the day even more. 
 Many many teas later, the sun has traveled. 
Many many more teas later, the sun goes home at 8 pm, so should we~
The memory is as fond as this colorful cloud decorated sky
We had some where around 9 or 10 teas, 7 or 8 dancongs, 1 cooked puerh, and 1 Fu zhuan.  A full day of tea drinking for 8 hours.  :)


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I love the idea of having a whole day to relax and drink different teas in a place with a nice view. I will have to put this on my to-do list. Very inspiring!