Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mo Li Xiang Jasmine Fragrance Dan Cong a gift for you

Bonus Gift
1/2 ounce of Jasmine Fragrance Dan Cong Oolong
with purchase of any Single Tree Dan Cong Teas
Only 32 sets available, one gift per order, valid while supplies last

In 2009, Mo Li Xiang Jasmine Fragrance Dan Cong was a memorable tea for its unique and familiar fragrance, the rich honey like taste lingers on.  After it was sold out, I thought of it often.  When 2011 came, I bought out the entire crop yield.  2011 crop took a good 9 months to transform itself into what I remember it in 2009, rich and floral.  When you smell a jasmine flower, you sense it in your breathing track, yet so unreachable.  A sip of Mo Li Xiang, the sensation travels in your mouth, throat and deep into your chest, is there, you can hold on to the fragrance~   

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Mondeduthe said...

Never heard before of this Dan Cong, but the description is quite appealing :-)