Sunday, October 15, 2006

Carved bronze teapot

Bronze teapot in the shape of a flower basket or Chinese lantern. Six sides all hand carved with a man or woman in landscaping: a man laid under bamboo trees, a man smoking pipe under a pine tree, a man holding peaches under banana trees, a man crossing a bridge with a fish and fishing rod, a woman playing a flute under a willow tree, a man drinking tea under a prune tree. Amazingly, the spout does not back pour, no dripping!

I need to clean the green bronze rust before I can figure out whether it's useful or not. At current condition, it's not suitable for making tea. Any one know how to clean this thing up?


Jérôme D said...


Very nice piece !

There's one thing perfect for metal plates (silver, bronze) : white clay (packed as "pierre blanche" in France).
It's neutral, has no smell, polishes with water only and rinces perfectly (just needs quite intense rubbing).

Your pot will then reveal itself brand new.


Imen said...

Thank you Jerome, I'll look for it at a hardware store. Hope they have it.

Jérôme D said...

Any news ?
Did you find the magical product ?

Imen said...


I have not yet gone to the hardware store. With birthdays and expecting a new born in the family, I may not have the time for another week or so. I'll let you know! :)