Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In the mood for some Worm Tea?

In the province of Hu Nan, ranges of Wu Ling mountain resides a minority group Miao zu. They have a custom of drinking Worm Tea that many have unheard of. The process of such tea is more than one can stomach.

Fresh tea leaves along with local fresh spice leaves are soaked in rice rinsing water, then proceed to fermenting for a few days, the ammonia from fermentation attracts worms of moths, these worms feed on the leaves and tea-rice mixture, then shit out little poppy seed size stools in the tea mixture. The collection of these worm stool is then rinsed and dried in the sun. When making worm tea, add hot water to cup, then the stools, cover for 5 minutes. Stools were floating at first, then slowly sink to the bottom, when dissipated, it's ready to drink. Yummy, so they say....

The name Worm Tea is absolutely deceiving!

After giving it some thought, I can only explain in this "logical" way. The fermentation is similar to the normal fermentation only liquid is added to speed the process. The digestion of these tea through worms is similar to the rolling and mixing of flavors (spice and rice), instead of by human hand, the worm digestive system did the work. When the final product is done "fermenting", "rolling" and "Roasting", dry naturally as usual - in sun light. Truly ORGANIC and NATURALE?!


~ Phyll said...

Hmmm...gives the expression "tastes like sh*t" a whole new meaning.

Imen said...

HAHA.. This tea is "shitty" alright!

dustin said...

This is one of the reasons I read this blog. Not appetizing but totally interesting.

suzi said...

Thank you for sharing. This was really, really strange and gross!

And to think, I was just about to make a cup of tea...but I'm too creeped out right now :-)

Imen said...


Thanks for being a FAN! :P


sorry for spoiling your mood for the moment. Tea can fix almost everything eventually, drink up! :)

chip said...

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