Saturday, October 14, 2006

Song style gaiwan tea set

Modern production of Song Dynasty style ceramic ware made famous by a kiln named Ru Yao 汝 窯 which specialized in light green/blue porcelain.

This set comes with 8 cups, a gaiwan and a cha hai for $16. This is what I call a deal. Wall of the gaiwan is thick, the cup size also shows it's suitable for pu-erh. Love the flower shape of the gaiwan holder. Well, flaws are expected for something this price. I found a few grains of black sands here and there, also popped air bubbles on the glaze during firing. One of the cup's inside was not glazed evenly. Over all it's nicely designed with beautiful color, good smooth substantial weight hand feel. Gaiwan is particularly lovely!

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