Friday, May 11, 2007

Absolute BS

It's absolutely unacceptable behavior, intolerable even by saints. This is the second time the health inspector did not show up for an appointment. Friday of last week, I called for an appointment, of course she didn't answer. I left a message as a ritual, and of course no return calls. Tuesday of this week, I got up early and drove to her office to make an appointment. Her office hours are Tue and Thur 8 to 10 am only, 4 hours in a week!!!! If I missed one of her office day, it'll cost me a whole week. I just can't take that chance. So I made the appointment with her in person for Thursday morning 7 am as of yesterday. She put it down on her book, I saw it with my own eyes! I verified with her again before I left her office. She knew she did me wrong and still put the blame on me by volunteering quote "I didn't understand your messages." If she knew those messages were mine, doesn't that mean she admitted not returning my calls purposely?! Ok, I can swallow my pride for now. Whatever you biatch wants to play nasty.....

Well, I got up at 5:45 am on Thursday morning, met up with the plumber Tim and contractor Marco at 6:45 am at the shop. We waited and waited till 10:30 am. NO SHOW again!!!!! OH MY #$@%#%&^#$$#$@#!#$!!!!!

I am so furious at this moment, I feel sick to my stomach. I can't win with her, she'll do what she can to sabotage me now and in the future. I can complain, but it won't do me any good. But I called her supervisor again today anyway. God knows whose side is she on, but she seemed nice and calm and understanding during our phone conversation.

Whatever it is, it's not professionally acceptable. If it's a personal issue, I will lose down time and money, she'll make my life miserable for as long as I am in business. But then again, I'll raise hell if she continues to play nasty. I'll go to the state counsel if I had to. I will file a law suit for reimbursement of financial loss due to the hold up if the situation persist.


MarshalN said...

This is indeed pretty crazy.

I hope things go smoothly from now on. And I thought Chinese bureaucrats are bad. You know, sometimes... corruption is a good thing. You know how much, when, and who, and bam, things get done.

Imen said...


Yeah, so true! I might have better luck in China than stuck in this situation here in an over regulated state run by power abusing low life rats.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

~ Phyll said...

And who said a City health inspector in the US can't be bribed???

Imen said...

I found out you CAN bribe a health inspector/crook. The price is $8k a pop. But I didn't and won't give her a penny.

Ido said...

$8k? its so cheap I wish I was living in the states.